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Here is some IT related information for employees at IEI

For further support, see: Helpdesk IT Support.

User Accounts

Liu account

This is your central account, used for LiU services. Examples of these services are logging on to your computer, email ,Lisam, booking systems and library services. Students also have their windows accounts on this domain, but with different logon rights. To change your password, logon to http://account.liu.se. Here you'll also find your password for the wireless network called Eduroam.

File area

Personal files

Your personal files should be saved on Z:\ which is a folder on the server axel.ad.iei.liu.se only accessible by you . Files are being backed up every night from this location.

If you have a laptop you probably need your files stored locally for accessibility. You can then use the file synchronization program OneDrive to keep a copy of your files the Cloud. The IT-group can help you with installation and configuration.

It is your own responsability to save files to z: or any other backup location of your own choice.

Shared files

Shared files should be saved on one of the shared areas on the server Alice. You will find it by pressing Winkey+R, then type \\alice.ad.iei.liu.se (enter).


IEI uses the central LiU system for most printouts. To install printers in Windows, press Winkey+R, then type \\assar.ad.iei.liu.se\free\print (enter). Then find the printer you need in the folders named according to fysical placement. Double-click to install. For printing sensitive material use the pre-installed printer named Eduprint. You can then order printing from any copier-printer once you have logged on to it.


Webmail is found in http://lisam.liu.se. There are guides for configuring Outlook on , and for Thunderbird at this location, but usually Outlook will self-configure.



All purchases of computers and peripherals are made through the IT-group. For simple purchases, send an email to inkop@it.liu.se stating the product (link or distinguished name) and your accounting details (ask youe administrator). The choice of computer is not entirely free. The IT-group will suggest computers depending on your needs, and there are standard models for ordinary users.

We keep a stock of some peripherals, like mice and keyboards, USB-hubs, card readers etc for quick delivery. Telephony is handled by your administrator.


Microsoft Office is freely available on your campus computer. Other Microsoft products can be purchased at discount prices. Ask us for prices and installation. You can also ask us about Adobe software, Endnote and others. Windows Update is configured for updating at night. It is however your responsibility to make sure your computer is updated at all times. Your account is in the administrators group on your computer. This gives you flexibility, but also responsability as a user. You may also have limited rightsto install programs on your computer. You may not install any licensed programs for which you do not have a valid license.


There are three main networks at LiU:
  • Wired network in your office. Your first choice.
  • Eduroam via wireless network on LiU campus and other universiteties.
  • Netlogon via wireless network on campus. Logon when starting Internet browser (IE, Firefox m.fl.). LiU-account is used. Use whenever wired network and Eduroam is unavailable.

Equipment pool

Equipment for short term borrowing (from hours up to 2 weeks)is available at the IT-group. Book on the web, see the link Lånepool in the left column. Equipment examles: Laptops, projectors, cameras, speakers, dictaphones, GPS, printers and presenters.

Computer labs

There are computer labs available for teaching. See list here.

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